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IREE 2019

Our CEO Horst Kirchner is currently greeting   new and present customers together with associates at the IREE 2019 exibition in New Delhi, India

Imagine that you could spot failures on your toilet before they happen.
Imagine that you could monitor your whole toilet fleet on one single screen – live!

This is now reality with Glova Rail’s Telemetrics System that is already up and running In South Africa. Both new faces and old acquaintances came by the stand for a chat about the latest trends in vacuum toilets. When told that state-of-the-art software is already controlling South African toilets, people were quick to acknowledge its possibilities and that Glova is actually pushing the bar. 

With now 4 Africa Rail exhibitions in the bag, it is yet again a pleasure to conclude that the vibe was great at the Sandton Convention Center. It was a joy to see stakeholders and competitors doing their best to make an impact in the African railway industry.  

… next stop IREE India.


One of the things we enjoy the most at Glova is to get out to talk to our customers and showcase our products. It always give us new ideas and inputs, and we like when we get the chance to get some feedback and discuss different issues with our stakeholders.

Our recent exhibition at Rail+Metro China 2018 in Shanghai was no different. We had a very interesting couple of days with lots of visitors and funny toilet talks. 

Our exhibitions also give us the opportunity to educate our customers a bit, as they get to see the real toilet and discover the functions and features of the control system, and as you can see they start early!





The vacuum toilets take us all around the world and in November you will be able to meet them and us in Shanghai! We will be exhibiting at the Rail+Metro China Exhibition from the 7th – 9th of November at stand N1P112, where you can come and see our state-of-the-art vacuum toilets.

Last year’s show had more than 200 exhibitors and 18,000 visitors, so we are really looking forward to discussing innovative vacuum toilet solutions with a lot of people.


4 good days at InnoTrans in Berlin are over, and the Glova team can look back at some busy and interesting days with lots of visitors from all around the world, many great talks and interesting discussions.

One of the new things we could present at this year’s exhibition was the option of adding 4G to our new PDC220 controller, which then makes it possible to track data live from the toilet and monitor its condition remotely from the depot. Our squat pan toilet now also comes in a new corner design, that makes it easier to fit into many different coaches. 

Thank you all for visiting us – we are looking forward to seeing you again!  


Toilets, or non-working toilets, have always been a problem for train operators and passengers, and the problem with many of the current toilet systems is that it cannot be predicted or monitored when they are about to fail.

When toilets are out of order it results in delayed or cancelled trains, penalties and unhappy passengers and can be quite a costly affair. Due to this it is very desirable to be able to predict when the toilets will fail in order to catch them before it happens.

Glova has over the years developed a toilet control system that consists of a touch screen controller with many different features. As opposed to the other toilet systems in the market, it measures the toilet performance, delivers transparent data for the maintenance staff and can now for the very first time deliver real-time updates!

Last week Glova finished the installation of the first trial toilets on DSB’s (The Danish National Railways) IR4 trains, and we can now follow the live stream of data coming in and continue our development regarding predictive toilet maintenance. 



All the preparations have now been done, the toilets are packed and sent to Berlin, and the Glova-team is really excited to welcome you all at our stand in City Cube B – stand 202 from the 18th to the 21st of September!




Last week Glova could replace the Silver AAA Diploma with our new Gold AAA diploma.

The diploma is awarded based on credit ranking, and AAA is the highest ranking of creditworthiness given to companies with an exceedingly strong ability to meet current payment obligations.

Glova has always been focusing on maintaining a strong solvency ratio which means that the company is one of only 14 companies with the same rating within the field of Wholesale of wood, yard lumber and construction materials, and we are very proud to hang up the Gold diploma meaning we have now been able to obtain the AAA ranking 10 years in a row.

One of the (many) projects we are extra proud of at Glova Rail is the one we did with South Africa’s Transnet Engineering for Botswana Railways. The beautiful celestial blue state-of-the-art trains were fitted with roof-mounted air-conditioning, wi-fi, passenger entertainment systems and of course Glova toilets to complete the first class design as part of the reintroduction of passenger rail services in Botswana.

Daniel Kraal, who was the Construction Manager on the project and Londiwe Mnyango, also an engineer from the project both paid Glova’s stand at Africa Rail a visit to discuss the upcoming service of the toilets. They have now been in service with excellent performance for 3 years, which means it is time to carry out the first round of service checks, and we at Glova are thrilled about the great feedback. 

Read the article from Railway Gazette about the coaches for Botswana Railways with Glova toilets here


A  good time was had by all on our stand during the Africa Rail 18 exibition.

Our CEO Horst Kirchner was very pleased with the keen interest in our hi-tech products, and he is confident for continued succes with Glova toilet systems on Africa’s railways.

Our compact toogle valve vacuum toilet system managed by our PDC200 controller and driven by our unique compact air compressor unit was scrutinized by many looking for state of the art solutions to ensure reliable toilet services on their trains.

Planning for next years exibition 19 – 20th June 2019 has already started, for further details see her