Technology when you need it!

PDC 100

All Glova toilets are equipped with a powerful microprocessor and a wide range of inputs / outputs, that can be programmed individually.



The overall communication system is build on the CAN bus, were one toilet management controller (TMC) can communicate with up to five toilets, level measuring systems, heaters etc.


All participants on the bus can be programmed and adjusted from the TMC. The toilet management controller can in its standard configuration show individualist messages via LED function, and can store more than 10.000 cycle data, always offering the user to go back in time for a long period to check for event patterns or other important process values.


To follow systems at close range the TMC can be equipped with a GSM telephone modem that on a daily basis will send SMS messages on all events. It is even possible to download a full graphical representation of a cycle.