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glova rail” Glova Rail A/S shall be the flexible partner in the Rolling Stock marked of sanitary technology, supplying reliable and improved technical solutions, parts and maintenance for existing and new fleets.”


The demands to the environment have forced the railway operators to move away from the open toilet systems and to use systems with retention tanks.


Among the most popular sanitary systems for trains today is the vacuum toilet, been able to withstand the pressure chock waves generated in tunnels, or transport the waste over longer distances.


Glova Rail is a key player in the supply of vacuum toilet systems for trains, as well as engineering partner for new build and refurbishment projects within the railway segment.


Glova Rail is also an important player in supporting sanitary systems in daily operation in terms of spares and service for third party products like Evac, Temoinsa, Semvac, Frensistemi and Dowald Werke.


Within the field of railway toilet systems Glova is know has a high end producer of systems.


Glova Rail in Denmark is a merger of Eupa A/S specialized in the supply of spare parts, service and support mainly in the field of sanitary systems and the Danish division of Glova Bus GmbH, designing new vacuum toilet systems.


Both activities started in 2004 aiming for their individual target and merged in 2008; bringing the knowledge from the aftermarket together with the skills of toilet designers. The result is the present Glova Rail holding a huge knowledge database on toilet systems across the brands and a great product line of advanced vacuum toilet systems.