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The Importance of Service

Service01The Importance of ServiceThe train operator is looking for long intervals between the services of his equipment, aiming for low lifecycle costs.


On the other hand the operator wishes well functioning equipment, as non performing equipment has a direct impact on the comfort of the passenger.


A number of vacuum toilet brand are in the market, and although they are working slightly different they are all suffering from the permanent contact with sewage water.




Service05Sewage water is aggressive and causes corrosion. Sewage water is contaminated with particles which build up in the system over time and slowly choke it.


As a result, no matter how good your system is designed, just the time and continues contact with sewage water will have an impact on the performance of the system, and at the end of the day forcing it to fail.



Very often the combination of these two factors forces the system to fail long time before the typical overhaul interval defined in millions of kilometers is reached.




To ensure a reliable function of the equipment, it is therefore highly recommendable to keep an eye on the actual performance of the equipment, and in the case of a weak function to take it out prior to break down.


Glova's LabControl equipment can be used as a performance montitoring tool.