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Glova Matic Unit

sp Glova MaticIt is a well known fact that deposits are building up in the waste pipes systems of sanitary installations.


How fast the deposits grow in pipe work is depending on a number of factors, where the main factor is bacteria's forcing the deposits to build up.


It has been experimented to kill the bacteria's by injecting biocides to the flush water during the cycle, but some clients question this method., therefore Glova suggests and inhibiting fluid slowing down the process.


The Glova Matic Unit is designed to inject either biocides or inhibiting fluids into any kind of vacuum toilet system.


The onboard microcontroller can be programmed to inject any amount at any specified timeslot during the cycle with the precision of few micro liters.


The rig is available as stainless steel design or in translucent polycarbonate.


Glova Rail also offers inhibition fluid MasterClean 163 supplied in bags or canisters