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Wall mounted (WM)

Glovs Wall mounted06 0101 0077

Modern standards for train toilet cabins require a wall mounted module in order that the area under the unit can easily be cleaned.


Glova have now made a special configuration of our leading toilet module so that it can be wall mounted in a GRP shroud. The serviceability of the unit is even improved as now the shroud can be removed to gain access to the technical module.


Experience has shown that gate valves / sliding valves are more vulnerable to deposits than rubber pinch valves, therefore Glova has chosen to fit the toilet with a toggle valve on the inlet side and then mount a pinch valve on the vertical flush pipe in the wall cavity.


This position of the outlet valve has proven to ensure a long term reliable performance of the pinch valve


The toggle valve, which has a self-locking operation closes a rubber hose in the valve ensuring that the valve remains closed totally eliminating the risk of blow-backs to the bowl.


This combination of valves extremely is well suited for train configurations with indoor waste tanks and long pipe work.


Otherwise all the technology utilized is as on the standard Glova module and runs on the same controller